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Frequently asked questions

Lenco is a digital only bank that issues easy to open and free to operate current bank accounts for Startups and SMEs without any hassle.

SMEs, startups, sole traders, and freelancers can open a business account with Lenco.

We have 3 account types: Starter, Pro and Prime account.

Starter accounts was built for sole traders and freelancers without a registered business.

While Pro and Prime account are for registered business owners.

Each business is eligible to have one account. You can create multiple sub-accounts to manage the different needs of your business. If you own multiple businesses, you can add a new business directly from your dashboard. This will enable you to manage all you businesses from a single dashboard by switching which business you want to manage per time.

Opening and operating a Lenco account is free! No transfer fees (you get cashback), No account maintenance fee, No minimum balance and more.

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